Must Know Info About Heat Shrink Tubing!

Heat shrink Tubing is a versatile product mainly used to protect wires and small parts from damage. It is made up of thermoplastics like PVC, viton, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP).
It is used within limited space areas in vehicles, advanced medical equipment, and aircrafts.


  • It is used for padding connectors, wires, joints, and terminals when needed.
  • It also works as a sealant, as it provides an extra layer of protection to wires.
  • It is also used to protect wires from environmental factors.
  • Its resistivity makes it ideal for electric insulation.
  • Since it does not stick to most of the materials (and can be removed easily), it is also used to join tubes.
  • It is also used for cable repairing and may also provide a permanent solution, instead of changing the wire.
    Shrink Ratio
  • Types of heat shrink tubing are usually classified according to their shrink ratio.
  • Shrink ratio is the measurement of its ability to shrink when heat is applied.
  • Let us take an example of a 2:1 ratio. 2:1 ratio means the original size of the tubing is double its size after shrinking.
    Other Important facts
  • Heat shrink Tubing is available in different types and colors. The primary reason behind usage of different colored tubing is to help the buyers identify different wires easily.
  • Heat gun can be used for heating.
  • When buying, it is necessary to consider the correct size, shrink ratio, and other important specifications.

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