Top qualities that are needed in the electrical wires for military

Military bears the responsibility of protecting its nation. For this important and tough task, army requires few of the best possible products including electrical wires. Army has some specific quality standards for wires, which every distributer needs to qualify.

Since army works in few of the harshest environments, which means that its applications should be capable of handling all type of harsh weathers and conditions. They need reliable and consistent performing products that can work properly even in very low or high temperatures and other difficult situations.

Military only uses mil spec wire that meets all requirements and standards. These standards are determined by the United States Department of Defense. These products are specifically made to qualify army’s certain specifications. Army uses variety of quality cables in the aircrafts, marine and several other applications. It is used for protective covering, shielding, to complete electronic circuit and many more tasks.

Quality standards for the wires used by military are –

Electrical characteristics – Military requires cables with excellent and stable electrical characteristics. These products work in the tough environments still they need to execute their work properly. This is why army selects only those electric cords, which meet its specifications for the electrical characteristics. These products should be capable of handling low to high voltage.

Good insulation material – Military also needs wires with good insulation material. There are varieties of materials available for cable insulation. This material affects the performance of cables. This is why the insulation material should be good for the best performance in tough conditions. PVC and Teflon insulated products are considered good for this military purposes.

Low power loss – Power loss is a disadvantage in electrical cords. Army works in rough environments where every aspect is valuable including electricity. This is why, they need cables with lowest possible power loss abilities. They must reduce power loss in electronic applications while keeping up the performance.

Tolerance and resistance – Wires in military should be capable of function in high or low temperatures. It should be capable of withstanding harsh weathers conditions. Resistance to the water, impact, oil, chemicals and other solvents is also an ability needed in the mil spec cables. Water resistance makes it possible to use these cables in marine applications.

These wires are used by army in different sizes, styles, insulation thickness, colors and voltage rating etc., according to the requirements of electronic application. Some of these products can fit all type of applications.


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