What are the benefits of heat shrink tubing?

Electrical cables and wires are used in every electronic product. Over time, water, solvents, weather, chemicals, oil and other factors cause harm to cables, whether they are in open environment or inside an electrical application. Many people use heat shrink tubing to protect wires from environment and other harming factors.

What is it? – This tubing is made of nylon or cross linked polyolefin components. It is specifically made to create a safe cover for electrical applications. It protects applications from environmental hazards like moisture. It also shields covered cables from shock etc.

How it is used? – These tubes are used as insulation for the electrical leads and wires. After covering wires, it is heated by a hot air gun. It shrinks to a smaller size and creates an environmental seal effectively protecting cables from harsh weather conditions.

What are the benefits of this tubing? – It provide various benefit for electrical applications like –

Protection for wires – Insulation for cables is the biggest benefit of this tubing. It shields leads from harsh weather conditions, moisture, wind, dust, solvents and other factors. It is made of various materials, which provide different type of resistance for chemicals, temperature (low or high), solvents, abrasion and even ultraviolet light.

Improves performance – With proper protection and no harm, electrical wires perform better even in bad weather. It is also used to bundle up lots of cables in one place and seals them.

Increases durability – These tubes also increase durability of electrical applications since they stay protected from harmful factors like dust and water.

Where it is used? – It is used in various industries and fields including construction, railway and aerospace. Military and other commercial sectors also use these tubes to protect electrical applications. It is available in many sizes and lengths, which makes it ideal for industrial use.

How to choose right option? – You need to choose right option since this tubing shrinks and covers cables. It is important that you select the right size with proper diameter according to the wires. For choosing the right size, you need to learn more about their sizes, colors and diameter.

This tubing is available in many ratios, which describes the amount of shrinkage. It defines how much it decreases in size according to its original diameter. It can shrink from one half to one sixth of its diameter. Heat shrink tube is one of the most popular insulation types that is used in industries due to better protection for electronics.


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