Why MilSpec Cable Tie is the number one choice for military usage?

While buying any commodity, it is essential to look into its details. Especially when it comes to choosing products for military use (things like cables), no risk can be taken.

Different types of cables are available in market from, which only the best one must be chosen for specific military use. Mostly, for of the heavy-duty functions Mil Spec Cable Tie is suggested. Below mentioned are the reasons why-

Weather resistant- These cables are weather resistant. Hence, even in tough conditions like extreme temperature, humidity, etc. these cables will continue functioning properly. Nylon is an insulation material used in these cables that plays a crucial role in the performance of a device.

Tensile strength-These cables are used for wrapping around a device, inserting in a self-locking head and more because they have good tensile strength. Military cables have 50 lbs. tensile strength.

Temperature rating- These cables are capable to withstand high temperature level. They work in 40°F to 185°F temperature level to meet the dielectric properties.

Flammability rating- Mil spec cables have UL 94 V-2 flammability rating.

Reliable-These cables are reliable for the heavy-duty work. This is the reason why they are trusted for military usage.
Compatible- Mil Spec cables are compatible enough to meet military standards and requirements. Compatibility of these cables ensures efficient workability of devices.

Reading the above stated points, you must have got an idea what are the reasons behind using mil spec wire over other wires.
Many suppliers claim to provide these cables. Before you sign a deal with them, you need to check whether they supply quality cables to meet the qualification tests, or not. The U.S. Department of Defense has set some standards on which military products are tested, and the cables must pass that test.


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