What aspects are essential to consider while purchasing Mil Spec Cable Tie?

Quality of cables cannot be overlooked when it comes to purchase of military cables. There are many factors to take into consideration while purchasing cables, in order to avoid risks like device failure during the tough military time.

Mil spec cable tieHere are few of those aspects or factors that are to consider when purchasing Mil Spec Cable Tie

  • Weather resistant- This is the first property on which cables needs to standby. Cables withstanding tough weather conditions such as extreme temperature changes, humidity, and more are durable. Neglecting this factor degrades performance of a device. This hampers work of military when they require it the most. To make cables withstand bad weather conditions, special material is used like Nylon because it is UV stabilized and has good resistant factor.

  • Flammability rating- As military workspace involves harsh environmental conditions cables require to have good flammability rating that is of UL 94 V-2.

  • Reliability- Cables should withstand extreme military harsh conditions, so that military people can rely upon the devices. In such case, reliability of cables is necessary to check.

  • Tensile strength- Cables should have good tensile strength, so that it could easily stretch or pulled when wrapping around a device or inserting in a self-locking head is to be done. Tensile strength of military cables should have 50 lbs.

  • Temperature rating- Military workspace involves tough environment. To standby it, cables should meet excellent dielectric properties and temperature level of approx. -40°F to 185°F.

  • Compatibility- Last but not the least factor that is must to check is work compatibility of Mil Spec cables. This ensures working ability of cables in devices, which are being use for different applications during military needs.

From the above stated points, you must have got an idea what factors are essential to consider when purchasing Mil Spec wires. This calls for a seeking a reliable manufacturer.

With numerous manufacturers in market, it is difficult to make out which manufacturer can provide you the best product. In such cases, considering factors like experience, reputation, work credibility, timely delivery of products is essential.

In addition to this, it is also must to check the quality of military electronic products, after all quality only defines the working and durability of the product. The U.S. Department of Defense has set some testing standards on which military products need to standby.