Why you must choose PVC wires?

Wires are essential part of the household and day-to-day usability items. They are mainly required to circulate in every electronic product. However, there are number of wires offered in the market. These wires are easily available in different sizes, width, and with different insulation material. PVC wire is one such wire that is widely used for different electronic devices. pvc-wirePVC, also known as Poly vinyl Chloride has specifically two forms: rigid and flexible. These different forms of wires are used in various fields such as telecommunications services, construction, data transmission etc.

Because of the different advantageous properties, these wires are used in diversity of applications. They are widely used in households and industries due to number of advantages such as-

  • Durability– Due to high durability, these wires have an ability to resist to any kind of weather conditions, chemicals, dust, water etc.
  • Insulation– the Poly vinyl chloride is a basic insulator material in various industries providing good insulation properties. Because of the excellent insulation property, it makes the wire ideal for the use of several electronic appliances.
  • Weather resistant– This wire is highly resistant to humidity, high or cold temperature and bad weather conditions.
  • Chemical resistant– Apart from being a good weather resistant, these wires can also resist to various types of chemicals that makes them ideal for the use of different electronic appliances.  Due to the chemical resistant property, the PVC is use not only in electronics bit also in sewage pipes and construction.
  • Cost effective– These wires are a cost effective option. Electricians as well as the customers prefer using these wires due to their low cost.
  • Flexibility– the Poly vinyl coated cables are well known for their flexibility. Because of this property, these wires are used in various devices. Most of the electricians prefer these wires because the flexibility ability helps to bend the wire on different angles without breaking it.
  • Fire safety– In case of a fire, these wires do not easily catch fire until the flame is directed towards them, thus making them fire retardant.
  • Recyclable– These wires are easily recyclable.  The PVC compound can be recovered from waste cables and reused in various applications.

Therefore, because of the aforementioned benefits, these wires are widely used for different household appliances as well as in different industries.


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