How hook up wires, Teflon wires, and PVC wires vary from each other?

Wires have become an integral part and are used almost everywhere.  Be it a house, office or any industrial place, wires have become an important part of day-to-day applications.  There are many different kinds of wires available in the market with different specifications and performs different functions too.  The most common types of wires are-

teflon-wireHook up wire

A high- quality wire is available in a wide range of insulation material including the PVC as the most basic type of insulation material. Moreover, these wires are available in different types of conductors such as solid copper conductor, tinned conductor, or stranded conductor.  The most common types of hook up wires are photovoltaic wire, ribbon cable, and bus bar, and all these are used in different industries for various purposes. Furthermore, these wires are very light in weight and are suitable to use in very high temperature.  These are environment friendly and are safe to use.

Teflon wire

Also known as PTFE wires, have the capability of withstanding very high temperature (200 C), as a result they are widely used in diverse electronic applications. These wires have a good dielectric strength that makes it suitable for the applications that include very high radio or microwave frequencies.  Furthermore, it is highly durable and has the ability to withstand harsh temperature and chemicals.  In addition, it is perfect choice for miniature applications.  This wire is available with a silver plated copper strands that helps protect the copper from very high temperature.  This wire is little bit more expensive as compared to other type of wires.

PVC wire

PVC wire is available in two forms: rigid and flexible and is used in different telecommunication services, data transmission, construction etc. Because of the excellent insulation properties this wire is used in variety of electronic applications.  Apart from this, it can easily be used in extreme hot or cold temperature, storm, thunder, as well as humid temperature.  It is cheaper, recyclable and works great, that is why it is the first choice of almost all the electricians.

However, while looking for a wire, it is highly recommended to look for distributors that provide different wires and cables so that you can rely on them for all the products.


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