The Different types of connectors commonly used in industries

Connectors play an important role between components and circuits. These help establish connections between devices. Every industry makes use of different types of electronic connectors. These electro-mechanical devices have different properties because of which these are considered optimal for use. Reliability, insulation, resistance to water, contact, vibration, pressure, and ability to easily connect or disconnect are to name a few of the properties of connectors.

spade_lugThere are several types of electro mechanical components like hybrid, UHF, banana, BNC, 8P8C, USB, radio frequency, F-Type, and spade lugs connectors. These all are specifically designed to run on different electronic devices. There are mainly eight categories in connectors, which are as follows-

Terminal blocks – It is most commonly used connector in industries. This helps in connecting two wires without joining them physically.
Binding post – These are commonly used for attaching bare wires. These connectors are found in audio related devices like loudspeakers and amplifiers. This connector has two caps that are used to screw down wire on a metal rod. The both caps indicate something. Usually, black cap indicates earth terminal and red cap indicates negative terminal.

Crimp on – These are used in industries, where one minute of delay in work process also cannot be entertained. Hence, this is used in areas where fast connections are required to build. This connector is used for immediate disconnection, and screw terminals.

In addition to this, these are also used in making solder less attachment. Hence, it is optimal for use in devices with high radio frequencies.

Ring and spade – These are used in various industries according to their need. For attaching this to the applications, a screw or bolt is used. These are available in different sizes that help meet all industries need. It is of two types, insulated and non-insulated. Most commonly insulated ring and spade are used in several industries because these are made of nylon, and vinyl.

Insulation displacement – Insulation is often required to remove in wires. For insulation displacement in electronic applications, special connectors are used. Telephone, computer, and networking companies are to name a few industries that require these connectors.

Plug and socket – Plug and socket combination of connector is used for building connections in telephone, computer and consumer appliances. Plug comprise of one or more pins, which are attached with sockets. Wire is attached to the plug, which helps in building connection in electronic device.


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