Quality standards for the wires used by military

Protecting the nation is the responsibility of military. In regard to this, military requires the best possible products. This includes quality electrical wires for its operations.

Every distributor needs to meet the standards for wires before providing them to the Military. Since they have to work in the harshest environments on earth and have the toughest job to do, it is important to provide them reliable and consistent performing products.

mil spec wireQuality products are reliable enough to work in harsh weather conditions like very low or high temperatures or any other difficult situations.
Commonly used wire for military purpose is mil spec wire. This wire needs to be reliable and qualify certain specifications.

While manufacturing this wire, distributers make sure to meet the standards determined by the United States Department of Defense.

Quality standards set for these wires are –

Electrical characteristics – Cables required for military purposes need to have excellent electrical characteristics such as capable of handling low to high voltage. These are designed specifically according to specific needs.

Good insulation material – Cables need to have good insulation property. These wires are designed to have good insulation because it affects the performance of appliance. Wires with good insulation material work best in tough conditions.

Low power loss – Wires to be used for military purposes should have low power loss ability as those that are to be used in rough environments. The wires with low power loss keep the performance of the appliance up.

Tolerance and resistance – These wires should have a good tolerance and resistance level. This is because they are required to function in both high and low temperatures. Moreover, it should be resistance to the water, oil, chemicals, and other solvents.

Mil spec wires are designed specifically for defense purposes. These are designed in different sizes, styles, insulation thickness, colors, and voltage rating.

These wires are commonly used in aircrafts, ground communications and equipment, and several other applications because it provides protective covering and shielding to the electronic circuit.


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