How to Apply Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is versatile, safe, affordable solution that is used to protect various electrical devices against scratch, chemicals, and weather conditions. It is also helpful for bundling the colored wires, terminations, and to provide insulation to the electrical devices with the help of heat shrink tubing gun.

Heat Shrink Tubing GunHeat shrink tubing
is very simple if you grasp the following procedures properly.

  • The starting part is very simple. Choose the proper size of heat shrink tubing to prepare it a tight fit, be sure that the tubing diameter after shrinking is smaller than the diameter of the area you want to insulate. In this, you may need scissors to cut the tubing to insulate the wiring or the device.
  • Choose the heat shrink tubing according to its ratio so that it results in a tight fit. Since these products are available in a wide range of diameters. So select the one having the larger diameter that fits comfortably after shrinkage.
  • Slice the desired length of tubing and keeping in mind it also shrinks lengthwise. Measure it carefully, leaving for at least twenty-five percent for overlapping if there is connectors or insulation.
  • If you are joining cables or wires, then focus the tubing between the splice. Assuring that the tubing overlaps equally on both sides. Sometimes experts use grease or spray to splice the tubing easily.
  • Before utilizing heat, check the tubing specifications which recommended the heating temperature. High temperature or low temperature can lead to uneven shrinkage, insulation breakdown, or even physical damage. It is recommended to not to use the open flames. Any commercial heat shrink tubing gun or heat shrink oven can be used to shrink the tubing.

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  • If you have to cover a cable of long length, which includes tubing, start shrinking from one end and slowly start working toward the other side. To guarantee that the tubing contracts smoothly and without air bubbles, rotate it while applying heat.
  • Confirms the shape of the cable, connector, hose, or tubing that it is covering. Quickly remove the heat source, and allow the tubing to cool gradually before applying physical stress on it.

Hope this blog helps you, how to use the heat shrink tubing and heat shrink tubing gun.