A Quick Guide to Mil-Spec Wires

Cable, wire, tubing, and accessories like such are used by the military in countless equipment. These equipment are required to work in harsh environments such as high temperatures, surface abrasion, unknown chemicals, tensile load, continuous stretch, and more. Due to the harshness and unpredictability of these conditions, all military equipment, especially wires demand higher-quality and need to pass the required acrimonious product testing. Mil-Spec wires are one of the most trusted and reliable wires used by the military.

Mil-Spec cable Wire

Mil-Spec wire stands for the military specifications for a wire. Therefore, they are built according to military specifications. They are often called as military wires. Mil-Spec wire is designed mainly for military applications, automobile industry, and aerospace purposes in accordance with US Department of Defense standards and specifications. These wires are ideal for being used for electronic applications in extreme conditions. They are exclusively used where high frequencies and high temperatures may be encountered. Some of the applications where they are used are- airframe wire, antennas, bus-bars, bonding moving parts, ground wires and much more.

Types of Mil-Spec wires-

  • Hook up wire
  • Power Wire
  • Dual shielding wire
  • Shielding wire
  • Pre-Twisted wire

Main Specifications of Mil-Spec wires-

  • They are present in a number of colors. It’s easy to understand or select them with the help of a chart. The wire colors are present in a coded form from 0 to 9 which explains different colors.
  • For example- 0 code stands for the black color of a wire whereas 9 stands for white color. When the wire is multicolored then you have more than one number.
  • Mil-Spec wires are lightweight and can withstand a high-temperature atmosphere.
  • These are insulated with the single layer of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) special coating that can work even in 150 degrees C or 302 degrees F.
  • If compare with the other wires, they are cost-effective. It has a tin-plated copper conductor and is measured at 600V.
  • Mil-Spec wires present with dual insulation offers abrasion protection and better strength that can be used in various fields.

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