Some different types of commonly used electrical connectors

The field of electrical terminal is vast. There are numerous number of connectors that are used in electric industry. Electric connectors are used to connect electric terminals in an electric circuit. Connectors comprise of mainly two things- jacks (female-ended) and plugs (male-ended).

spade lug terminals

There are many connectors that are used in every electric appliance. Connectors are mainly used to join flexible copper cable or wire or connect any other type of cable or wire to an electrical terminal. In the US cable connectors are known for cable glands. In this condition, these are used to connect wires to an instrument mechanically instead of electrically. In this blog, we will discuss some of the commonly used connectors in the electrical industry.

8P8C Connectors-

This connector has eight positions which contain conductors. It is a modular connector that contains plug as well as jack inside a connector. It is mainly used in Ethernet and generally used on CAT5 cables. It never uses all eight conductors.

D-subminiature connectors-

These electrical connectors are used for modems and have a great compatibility with computers. Other different applications where D-subminiature connectors can be used are- telecommunication, military, test and measurement instruments.

Power connectors-

It protects people from accidental contact with energized conductors. These connectors involve a safety ground connection as well as the power conductors. In larger sizes, these connectors also safely contain arc that produces when an energized circuit is disconnected or may require interlocking to prevent opening a live circuit. In British English, power connectors are known as Sockets.

Terminal blocks-

They are also known as terminal boards or strips. They are used to connect the electrical wires without using splicing or physical joining. They are used to join several types of equipment within an enclosed circuit. Under terminal blocks, spade lugs connectors and ring terminals are included.

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