Some different types of commonly used electrical connectors

The field of electrical terminal is vast. There are numerous number of connectors that are used in electric industry. Electric connectors are used to connect electric terminals in an electric circuit. Connectors comprise of mainly two things- jacks (female-ended) and plugs (male-ended).

spade lug terminals

There are many connectors that are used in every electric appliance. Connectors are mainly used to join flexible copper cable or wire or connect any other type of cable or wire to an electrical terminal. In the US cable connectors are known for cable glands. In this condition, these are used to connect wires to an instrument mechanically instead of electrically. In this blog, we will discuss some of the commonly used connectors in the electrical industry.

8P8C Connectors-

This connector has eight positions which contain conductors. It is a modular connector that contains plug as well as jack inside a connector. It is mainly used in Ethernet and generally used on CAT5 cables. It never uses all eight conductors.

D-subminiature connectors-

These electrical connectors are used for modems and have a great compatibility with computers. Other different applications where D-subminiature connectors can be used are- telecommunication, military, test and measurement instruments.

Power connectors-

It protects people from accidental contact with energized conductors. These connectors involve a safety ground connection as well as the power conductors. In larger sizes, these connectors also safely contain arc that produces when an energized circuit is disconnected or may require interlocking to prevent opening a live circuit. In British English, power connectors are known as Sockets.

Terminal blocks-

They are also known as terminal boards or strips. They are used to connect the electrical wires without using splicing or physical joining. They are used to join several types of equipment within an enclosed circuit. Under terminal blocks, spade lugs connectors and ring terminals are included.

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Different Types of Electrical Cables/Wires

Wires are important and they are the only source through which electric charge is transmitted from one place to another. The wires are used across the world. Wires are available in different types. Generally, they are cylindrical, flexible strand or rod of metal. Selection of wires is a challenging task as there are different types of wires used in different industries. Below are some of the types that are used in industries as well as in our houses.

pvc wire kcelectronics

Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable- These are also known as non-metallic building wire or NM cables. The main feature of these type of cables is- they have a plastic jacket that covers two or more wires. These are commonly used for the underground or outdoor usage.

Underground Feeder Cable- These cables are quite similar to Non-Metallic sheathed cable, but in underground feeder cables, all the wires are grouped and wrapped in a flexible material. These are available in different varieties. They are often used for outdoor lighting and in-ground applications. They have high water-resistance that makes them ideal for moist areas like gardens as well as open-to-air lamps, pumps, etc.

Metallic Sheathed Cable- These types of wires are often used to supply electricity from the main manufacturing unit to the industries. Basically, they are required to run large appliances. This type of wire consist of three wires. One is for current, one is for the grounding wire and third one os a neutral wire. They are covered with the PVC sheathing and also known as PVC wires. They are used for outdoor applications and high-stress installations.


Coaxial wires- A coaxial cable has a tubular insulating layer which protects an inner conductor. In this the two inner shields share the same geometric axis, these cables are normally used for carrying television signals and connecting video equipment.

Ribbon Cable- They are often used in computers and peripherals, with various conducting wires that run parallel to each other on a flat plane, leading to a visual resemblance to flat ribbons. Ribbon Cables are quite flexible and can control applications that require low voltage.

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Role Of Resistance And Resistivity In Different Types Of Wires

Electric wires form an important part of our lives. They play an important role in supplying electricity or electrical signals from the power generating unit to our homes. Wires are made up of different types of materials. The behavior of wires changes when the electricity is supplied to a longer distance than when they are used in a circuit of a device. You must have known about the multiconductor wires, shielded and unshielded wires. But today in this blog, we will discuss the resistance and their effects in various types of wires.

multiconductor wire

All the devices either work on AC or DC power. The circuits that work on AC power, face a lot of problems such as skin effect and proximity effects like-resistivity/impedance. Let’s understand what is resistance and its effects.

Resistance reduces the movement of electric charge through the wire. Moreover, it increases when the distance is high or the length of the wire is too long. So, the resistance depends on the type of the material of the wire. For example, in the copper wire, the resistance is very less. The reason is that copper is highly conductive wire.

The resistivity of the aluminum wire is very high compared to the copper wire. This is why copper wires are used to transmit the electricity from one place to another instead of using aluminum wires. In short, it is the loss of current while transmitting or supplying the electric charge.


But resistance is good in some cases. While transmitting the electricity the heat is produced and it results in loss of energy. However, in a tungsten or tantalum wire, this heat is used to make the wire glow and produce light, which is desired in some cases. Tungsten is used to make filaments because it has a very high melting point.

The wire can get very hot and glow brightly without melting. But wires made up of Tungsten are not efficient in power transmission since most of the energy is lost in the form of heat and light. To know more about multi-conductor wires, get in touch with Kc electronics. They are the leading electronic distributors in New York.

4 Top Benefits of Using Ring Terminal

There are many electrical elements that are used to join the different components. Some of them which are commonly used are cables, connectors, hook-up wires, heat shrinkable tubing, labels, and electrical connectors. There are butt connectors, ring terminals (insulated ring terminal and non-insulated ring terminal), spade terminals, and quick disconnect connectors. In this blog, we will discuss ring terminal. It is one of the most important elements which is used in the electric field.

ring terminals

Ring terminal is also known as ring connector. These are a kind of wire connectors that are generally used to crimp or soldered a particular wire connection or for an electrical connection. The size of the ring terminal is totally based on the size of the wire and size of the electrical appliances. These connectors are mainly used in low-voltage DC applications. An insulated ring connector allows close connection with another ring connector on a bus strip whereas non-insulated ring terminal is often used where a solder joint is needed. The Amg ring terminal is a well-known example of a non-insulated ring terminal. It is generally needed for an amplifier where the temperature is very high.

Benefits of ring terminal-

Fire resistance- The chief feature of ring terminal is fire resistance along with heat resistance. The main cause that affects the connections between various appliances is overheating. Generally, heat melts the connections and cause short circuits. Ring terminals are known to withstand intense temperature and work flawlessly.

High durability- Ring terminal can work at extremely low temperatures. The ring terminal can be used up to -240-degree Celsius and it works without any problem. Even when exposed to fire, it will gradually fuse out rather than defrost quickly and split.

Water resistance- Some electrical components and circuits are prone to short circuits. However, insulated ring terminals are known to repel both oils and water. On the insulated ring connector, an extra tubing is there which insulates it from the short circuits. Due to this property, these terminals are mainly used in the aerospace industry along with marine, meteorological, and naval units.

Chemical resistance- Most of the industries use components that are safe and provide full protection from the atmosphere. An insulated ring terminal is highly recommended by the scientific industry. The main reason is that it is highly chemical resistant. If installed properly, then it provides a seal resistant to water, salt, steam and other contaminants.

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A Quick Guide to Mil-Spec Wires

Cable, wire, tubing, and accessories like such are used by the military in countless equipment. These equipment are required to work in harsh environments such as high temperatures, surface abrasion, unknown chemicals, tensile load, continuous stretch, and more. Due to the harshness and unpredictability of these conditions, all military equipment, especially wires demand higher-quality and need to pass the required acrimonious product testing. Mil-Spec wires are one of the most trusted and reliable wires used by the military.

Mil-Spec cable Wire

Mil-Spec wire stands for the military specifications for a wire. Therefore, they are built according to military specifications. They are often called as military wires. Mil-Spec wire is designed mainly for military applications, automobile industry, and aerospace purposes in accordance with US Department of Defense standards and specifications. These wires are ideal for being used for electronic applications in extreme conditions. They are exclusively used where high frequencies and high temperatures may be encountered. Some of the applications where they are used are- airframe wire, antennas, bus-bars, bonding moving parts, ground wires and much more.

Types of Mil-Spec wires-

  • Hook up wire
  • Power Wire
  • Dual shielding wire
  • Shielding wire
  • Pre-Twisted wire

Main Specifications of Mil-Spec wires-

  • They are present in a number of colors. It’s easy to understand or select them with the help of a chart. The wire colors are present in a coded form from 0 to 9 which explains different colors.
  • For example- 0 code stands for the black color of a wire whereas 9 stands for white color. When the wire is multicolored then you have more than one number.
  • Mil-Spec wires are lightweight and can withstand a high-temperature atmosphere.
  • These are insulated with the single layer of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) special coating that can work even in 150 degrees C or 302 degrees F.
  • If compare with the other wires, they are cost-effective. It has a tin-plated copper conductor and is measured at 600V.
  • Mil-Spec wires present with dual insulation offers abrasion protection and better strength that can be used in various fields.

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Everything You Need To Know About Different Wire Terminals

Terminals are described as a device which is designed to dismiss a conductor that is to be attached to a chassis, post, tongue, another body, etc., to build an electrical connection. Wire terminals are available in numerous different shapes and sizes depending on the size of the wire and screw.

Insulated Ring Terminal

The various types of terminals that are present in the market are- ring, hook, spade, flagged terminals. Let’s have a quick look on these wire terminals.

Ring terminal-

A ring terminal is a terminal which has a round-ended shape that allows a stud or screw to be attached. Ring terminals or ring connectors are available in many sizes.

It is important to know that the ring terminal fits into the wire gauge and stud size. Usually, ring terminals are either set or soldered with two or more wires.

It is further available in two types. Available in insulated Ring terminal or non-insulated Ring terminal.

Spade Terminals-

Spade Terminals are also known as spade connectors or fork terminals. It’s named so because of the shape of the terminal. It is available in several sizes. One can choose it according to the gauge of the wire and the size of the stud.

Basically, spade terminal is an open-ended connector which is used to attach or remove a single wire easily while it is connected to a stud or screw type used for an electrical connection.

It is easy to connect electrical wires because the screw or bolt can be left partly twisted when a terminal is attached or removed. It is also available in insulated or non-insulated spade terminal.

Hook Terminals-

Hook Terminals are similar to the Spade Terminal. They are easy to use because it is also an open-ended terminal. Offered in both insulated or non-insulated options, Hook Terminals give a condensed though durable joint for a kind of connections.

Flag Terminals-

Flag Terminals are also known as flag connectors which provide an accessible and secure connection. They are known and used where there is less or congested space and when a quick-disconnect is too large. Flag terminal offers a fast and secure connection and disconnect.

Hope you get the sufficient knowledge of various terminals. Since the demands and requirements are different for electrical connections in the various applications that use different terminals according to their need with a variety of sizes.

Different Benefits And Uses Of Teflon Wire

When it comes to wires, the universe of wires is not constrained to few conventional wires, for example, copper wires etc. The progressive change took them facilitate which give solid variations like Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wire, PTFE Insulated Silver Plated Copper Wire, Silver Coated Copper Wire, and so on.

Teflon wires are additionally a noteworthy piece of the universe of wires that have been viewed as significant for its charming properties. It has noteworthy resistance properties of the chemicals, temperature, dampness, and power which make it simple to enter the opposition without significantly more noteworthy exertion.

The perfect material is considered in influencing the wires for its unwavering quality and strength to notwithstanding for the most strenuous applications.

Effective Aspects Of Teflon Wires:

  • This kind of wires have high dielectric strength
  • These are extremely high operating temperatures.
  • Contains low dissipation factor and also unchanged by susceptibility to humidity, liquid, and moisture

Along with these, other features are as following:

  • These Insulated wires are suitable for a wide frequency range
  • Silver plated conductors or your choice of conductor
  • Provides resistance to UV radiation, stress, mould, and chemicals
  • PTFE insulated wires are not subject to creeping or deformity over time

Teflon Wire

Various Uses Of Teflon Wires:

There are numerous qualities such as electrical resistances, temperature, moisture and chemical that make it an excellent material whenever tools, products, and components require being reliable in even the most demanding applications.

  • In Medical Field:
    PTFE covered wires give perfect scope and assurance when medical gadgets require a smooth coating that is smooth, thin, artificially idle, exact and equipped for withstanding a wide assortment of conditions.

It’s non-chipping complete settles on it a covering of decision when complete quality is foremost for the two feel and administrative details. At PWI, our forte is protecting the sort of miniaturized scale PTFE covered wire that is habitually utilized as a part of the therapeutic instrumentation, inserts, and different gadgets.