Things To Know About Hookup wires

Everything That You Need To Hookup

belden-hook-up-wireWhen it comes to Hook Up Wire, its basic purpose is to make secure internal connections inside electronic devices. These wires are available in different types, you just need to choose the best one as per the needs and application. The key features of hookup wires are mentioned below:

  • Color-coded insulation helps in circuit identification
  • Outstanding Uniformity
  • A Wide Range Of Insulations

Types Of Hookup Wires

  • Photovoltaic Wire
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Bus Bar

 The Basics Of Wires

Nothing to worry about the flexibility of these wires as they are small in diameter. The girth of the cables allows them to be used in a host of spaces. When we talk about the temperature, these cables are compatible enough to operate the temperature ranges of about 90 degrees Celsius.

Different Wires And Their Usage

Teflon wire is the finest example of operating the cables at maximum temperatures exceeding 150 degrees.  Apart from this, there are numerous features that prove Teflon more versatile than normal hook up wire. The best part is that the voltages of these Teflon insulated cables can go up to the range of 600 volts.


A silver coating on the copper strands helps to improve the cable’s electrical properties.

It offers not only the best insulation but the flexibility as well. A  thickness of.10 inches is sufficient for the most usage as they don’t need more thickness.

The wire wrap cable is the most commonly used type of material for performing the small cabling jobs. A solid strand cable, the Kynar wire wrap cable uses a solid strand without any braiding. To make the distinction between various cable strands, the insulator is usually color coded.

The insulation is not very thick, which adds the flexibility of the cable and helps with limited space. A thickness of insulation is usually found to be of about .005 inches that add the flexibility of the cable.


Usage Of Different Cable Ties

The Cable ties are available in the market in various forms and can be used in different work fields. These are available in different sizes and colours. The basic function of a cable tie is to bind the objects which are used for commercial purposes as well as  domestic work.

Milspec Cable Tie
These ties are very durable and strong and they are not easy to break unless an extreme amount of force is applied to them for breaking them. One can use these ties in different domestic works like tying and binding objects safely and strongly. Most of the people use them for binding their garden fences as strong binding support is offered by them.
The different types of cable ties are given below:

.Milspec Cable Tie and Mounts.
.Cable Identification Ties.
.Cable Tie Mounts and Clamps.
.Heat Stabilized Cable Ties.

One can use these ties for the decoration purpose of a house if you have these ties in different colors. These ties look very attractive when you use them as the decorating objects. Any of the wire or cable can be called as a cable tie, if it is utilized for electrical purposes and has some tying and binding applications.

There are a number of tasks that one can perform with the help of these ties. You can cut these ties, according to One can find the cable ties in different sizes and lengths. Apart from this,  the users can cut them according to their requirement.

There is no need to worry about the cold and harsh weather because the ties are not affected by any kind of change in the weather. It will put no impact on a cable tie even in the rainy season and it will behave with similar efficiency. This is the main reason why everyone prefers to use these ties all over the world.

In fact, these wires can also be used in electrical wires and circuit breakers because they offer good flow of electricity. You can get these wires in various forms. Some of the wires are made up of metal and others are made up of plastic.

Quality standards for the wires used by military

Protecting the nation is the responsibility of military. In regard to this, military requires the best possible products. This includes quality electrical wires for its operations.

Every distributor needs to meet the standards for wires before providing them to the Military. Since they have to work in the harshest environments on earth and have the toughest job to do, it is important to provide them reliable and consistent performing products.

mil spec wireQuality products are reliable enough to work in harsh weather conditions like very low or high temperatures or any other difficult situations.
Commonly used wire for military purpose is mil spec wire. This wire needs to be reliable and qualify certain specifications.

While manufacturing this wire, distributers make sure to meet the standards determined by the United States Department of Defense.

Quality standards set for these wires are –

Electrical characteristics – Cables required for military purposes need to have excellent electrical characteristics such as capable of handling low to high voltage. These are designed specifically according to specific needs.

Good insulation material – Cables need to have good insulation property. These wires are designed to have good insulation because it affects the performance of appliance. Wires with good insulation material work best in tough conditions.

Low power loss – Wires to be used for military purposes should have low power loss ability as those that are to be used in rough environments. The wires with low power loss keep the performance of the appliance up.

Tolerance and resistance – These wires should have a good tolerance and resistance level. This is because they are required to function in both high and low temperatures. Moreover, it should be resistance to the water, oil, chemicals, and other solvents.

Mil spec wires are designed specifically for defense purposes. These are designed in different sizes, styles, insulation thickness, colors, and voltage rating.

These wires are commonly used in aircrafts, ground communications and equipment, and several other applications because it provides protective covering and shielding to the electronic circuit.

What aspects are essential to consider while purchasing Mil Spec Cable Tie?

Quality of cables cannot be overlooked when it comes to purchase of military cables. There are many factors to take into consideration while purchasing cables, in order to avoid risks like device failure during the tough military time.

Mil spec cable tieHere are few of those aspects or factors that are to consider when purchasing Mil Spec Cable Tie

  • Weather resistant- This is the first property on which cables needs to standby. Cables withstanding tough weather conditions such as extreme temperature changes, humidity, and more are durable. Neglecting this factor degrades performance of a device. This hampers work of military when they require it the most. To make cables withstand bad weather conditions, special material is used like Nylon because it is UV stabilized and has good resistant factor.

  • Flammability rating- As military workspace involves harsh environmental conditions cables require to have good flammability rating that is of UL 94 V-2.

  • Reliability- Cables should withstand extreme military harsh conditions, so that military people can rely upon the devices. In such case, reliability of cables is necessary to check.

  • Tensile strength- Cables should have good tensile strength, so that it could easily stretch or pulled when wrapping around a device or inserting in a self-locking head is to be done. Tensile strength of military cables should have 50 lbs.

  • Temperature rating- Military workspace involves tough environment. To standby it, cables should meet excellent dielectric properties and temperature level of approx. -40°F to 185°F.

  • Compatibility- Last but not the least factor that is must to check is work compatibility of Mil Spec cables. This ensures working ability of cables in devices, which are being use for different applications during military needs.

From the above stated points, you must have got an idea what factors are essential to consider when purchasing Mil Spec wires. This calls for a seeking a reliable manufacturer.

With numerous manufacturers in market, it is difficult to make out which manufacturer can provide you the best product. In such cases, considering factors like experience, reputation, work credibility, timely delivery of products is essential.

In addition to this, it is also must to check the quality of military electronic products, after all quality only defines the working and durability of the product. The U.S. Department of Defense has set some testing standards on which military products need to standby.

Why MilSpec Cable Tie is the number one choice for military usage?

While buying any commodity, it is essential to look into its details. Especially when it comes to choosing products for military use (things like cables), no risk can be taken.

Different types of cables are available in market from, which only the best one must be chosen for specific military use. Mostly, for of the heavy-duty functions Mil Spec Cable Tie is suggested. Below mentioned are the reasons why-

Weather resistant- These cables are weather resistant. Hence, even in tough conditions like extreme temperature, humidity, etc. these cables will continue functioning properly. Nylon is an insulation material used in these cables that plays a crucial role in the performance of a device.

Tensile strength-These cables are used for wrapping around a device, inserting in a self-locking head and more because they have good tensile strength. Military cables have 50 lbs. tensile strength.

Temperature rating- These cables are capable to withstand high temperature level. They work in 40°F to 185°F temperature level to meet the dielectric properties.

Flammability rating- Mil spec cables have UL 94 V-2 flammability rating.

Reliable-These cables are reliable for the heavy-duty work. This is the reason why they are trusted for military usage.
Compatible- Mil Spec cables are compatible enough to meet military standards and requirements. Compatibility of these cables ensures efficient workability of devices.

Reading the above stated points, you must have got an idea what are the reasons behind using mil spec wire over other wires.
Many suppliers claim to provide these cables. Before you sign a deal with them, you need to check whether they supply quality cables to meet the qualification tests, or not. The U.S. Department of Defense has set some standards on which military products are tested, and the cables must pass that test.

Top qualities that are needed in the electrical wires for military

Military bears the responsibility of protecting its nation. For this important and tough task, army requires few of the best possible products including electrical wires. Army has some specific quality standards for wires, which every distributer needs to qualify.

Since army works in few of the harshest environments, which means that its applications should be capable of handling all type of harsh weathers and conditions. They need reliable and consistent performing products that can work properly even in very low or high temperatures and other difficult situations.

Military only uses mil spec wire that meets all requirements and standards. These standards are determined by the United States Department of Defense. These products are specifically made to qualify army’s certain specifications. Army uses variety of quality cables in the aircrafts, marine and several other applications. It is used for protective covering, shielding, to complete electronic circuit and many more tasks.

Quality standards for the wires used by military are –

Electrical characteristics – Military requires cables with excellent and stable electrical characteristics. These products work in the tough environments still they need to execute their work properly. This is why army selects only those electric cords, which meet its specifications for the electrical characteristics. These products should be capable of handling low to high voltage.

Good insulation material – Military also needs wires with good insulation material. There are varieties of materials available for cable insulation. This material affects the performance of cables. This is why the insulation material should be good for the best performance in tough conditions. PVC and Teflon insulated products are considered good for this military purposes.

Low power loss – Power loss is a disadvantage in electrical cords. Army works in rough environments where every aspect is valuable including electricity. This is why, they need cables with lowest possible power loss abilities. They must reduce power loss in electronic applications while keeping up the performance.

Tolerance and resistance – Wires in military should be capable of function in high or low temperatures. It should be capable of withstanding harsh weathers conditions. Resistance to the water, impact, oil, chemicals and other solvents is also an ability needed in the mil spec cables. Water resistance makes it possible to use these cables in marine applications.

These wires are used by army in different sizes, styles, insulation thickness, colors and voltage rating etc., according to the requirements of electronic application. Some of these products can fit all type of applications.