Things To Know About Hookup wires

Everything That You Need To Hookup

belden-hook-up-wireWhen it comes to Hook Up Wire, its basic purpose is to make secure internal connections inside electronic devices. These wires are available in different types, you just need to choose the best one as per the needs and application. The key features of hookup wires are mentioned below:

  • Color-coded insulation helps in circuit identification
  • Outstanding Uniformity
  • A Wide Range Of Insulations

Types Of Hookup Wires

  • Photovoltaic Wire
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Bus Bar

 The Basics Of Wires

Nothing to worry about the flexibility of these wires as they are small in diameter. The girth of the cables allows them to be used in a host of spaces. When we talk about the temperature, these cables are compatible enough to operate the temperature ranges of about 90 degrees Celsius.

Different Wires And Their Usage

Teflon wire is the finest example of operating the cables at maximum temperatures exceeding 150 degrees.  Apart from this, there are numerous features that prove Teflon more versatile than normal hook up wire. The best part is that the voltages of these Teflon insulated cables can go up to the range of 600 volts.


A silver coating on the copper strands helps to improve the cable’s electrical properties.

It offers not only the best insulation but the flexibility as well. A  thickness of.10 inches is sufficient for the most usage as they don’t need more thickness.

The wire wrap cable is the most commonly used type of material for performing the small cabling jobs. A solid strand cable, the Kynar wire wrap cable uses a solid strand without any braiding. To make the distinction between various cable strands, the insulator is usually color coded.

The insulation is not very thick, which adds the flexibility of the cable and helps with limited space. A thickness of insulation is usually found to be of about .005 inches that add the flexibility of the cable.


The Different types of connectors commonly used in industries

Connectors play an important role between components and circuits. These help establish connections between devices. Every industry makes use of different types of electronic connectors. These electro-mechanical devices have different properties because of which these are considered optimal for use. Reliability, insulation, resistance to water, contact, vibration, pressure, and ability to easily connect or disconnect are to name a few of the properties of connectors.

spade_lugThere are several types of electro mechanical components like hybrid, UHF, banana, BNC, 8P8C, USB, radio frequency, F-Type, and spade lugs connectors. These all are specifically designed to run on different electronic devices. There are mainly eight categories in connectors, which are as follows-

Terminal blocks – It is most commonly used connector in industries. This helps in connecting two wires without joining them physically.
Binding post – These are commonly used for attaching bare wires. These connectors are found in audio related devices like loudspeakers and amplifiers. This connector has two caps that are used to screw down wire on a metal rod. The both caps indicate something. Usually, black cap indicates earth terminal and red cap indicates negative terminal.

Crimp on – These are used in industries, where one minute of delay in work process also cannot be entertained. Hence, this is used in areas where fast connections are required to build. This connector is used for immediate disconnection, and screw terminals.

In addition to this, these are also used in making solder less attachment. Hence, it is optimal for use in devices with high radio frequencies.

Ring and spade – These are used in various industries according to their need. For attaching this to the applications, a screw or bolt is used. These are available in different sizes that help meet all industries need. It is of two types, insulated and non-insulated. Most commonly insulated ring and spade are used in several industries because these are made of nylon, and vinyl.

Insulation displacement – Insulation is often required to remove in wires. For insulation displacement in electronic applications, special connectors are used. Telephone, computer, and networking companies are to name a few industries that require these connectors.

Plug and socket – Plug and socket combination of connector is used for building connections in telephone, computer and consumer appliances. Plug comprise of one or more pins, which are attached with sockets. Wire is attached to the plug, which helps in building connection in electronic device.

Few factors to consider while buying spade terminals

When we talk about electrical connectors, then the name of spade terminals comes to the first, as they are the most popular for its easy attachment/removal from connection.

Moreover, people prefer to buy these spade terminals for their home theatres because it forms a fully secure connection and delivers excellent performance and quality.H8JWQs1444370866Apparently, while buying these terminals many people often commit mistakes, as few of them have certain misconceptions in their mind that the more will be the price the more they will get the premium products to use. However, that is not the case, as sometimes in urge of doing this you end up paying hefty price and in return don’t get the price that you were looking for. Moreover, some people even do bargaining in order to get best quality at low rates. These are few mistakes, which customers usually commit.

Instead, before buying any product one should consider few factors and then move on to buy the products. Following are few factors to consider while buying spade lugs terminals in order to get best quality product at more competitive rate-

Whenever you are planning to purchase spade type of terminals make sure that you go for gold plated ones, as it offers more resistivity and conductivity to corrosion. They are bit more expensive than other type but offers extra performance. Else, you can also go for nickel-plated ones that are available at nominal price.

if you are buying the product, it is advisable to for bulk purchase, as there are not only chances of getting discounts but you will not have to bother if incase you visit next time and don’t get the same product in the market due to shortage. It’s a good idea to try and buy in bulk if you can.

You can find numerous sites on the internet that make you available with the product in bulk along with lower price. However, you need to delve around for most reputed manufacturers who will offer you at nominal rates. Just compare the price on the internet along with the brand, as price of the product may vary from brand to brand.

Last but not the least don’t buy these terminals if someone offer you at under price, as you may have bad experience in buying these products.

These are some of the factors, which will help you going for a better deal.