Get To Know About Heat Shrink Tube

What Is Heat Shrink?

Heat Shrink Tube is basically a convenient tool for those who work with wires as well as cables. The basic purpose of tubing gun is to shrink to fit whatever it is applied to after being subjected to heat. For repair and ordinary maintenance, it is widely used by people. You come into contact with these tubing guns when use electronic items like:

  • Cell phones
  • MP3 Players
  • iPods



History Behind Heat Shrink

In the late 1950s, Raychem Corporation was the first person who developed the tubing. At the initial stage, the Rachel was known for two main products: lightweight aircraft cable, and heat-shrinkable tubing. Paul Cook, who was the Raychem chemical engineer, founder, made use of radiation chemistry.

What Is Shrink Tubing Made Of?

A wide range of thermoplastics are used to make shrink tubing such as

  • Polyolefin
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Neoprene
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Fluorinated ethylene propylene
  • Kynar

Apart from these polymers, the conductive polymer thick film is also added to heat shrink that provides Electrical Connection between the two or more conductive objects. These objects are joined by the tubing without any need to solder them.

Usage Of Heat Shrink

  • To seal the water and dust out of cable splices.
  • For providing a barrier between cables and corrosive chemicals.
  • In order to insulate cables and wired against extreme heat in aircraft, etc.
  • In color coding
  • To make long-lasting labels for network patch cords
  • For bringing improvement in the look of cables in computer case mods.

What Makes Shrinkable To Heat Shrink?

Most of the times, you may have noticed that most plastics won’t just shrink down if they’re heated. So, the question here is that what makes heat shrink tubing different? The answer is cross-linking that is a process of exposing a polymer to radiation.

The basic purpose behind this process is to create covalent bonds between that polymer’s atom.


What should be included in your heat shrink kit?

Heat shrink tubing and other tools are an essential part of electronics. They are used in many industrial and commercial applications. This is the reason why many people keep a Heat shrink tubing at their homes or workplaces. But, what is this kit? What parts should be included in it? Answer is –

Tubing – The first thing that you require for your kit is the heat shrink tubing. It is used to cover different types of cables and hold them together. It was given this name because it decreases in size when heat is applied on it. By decreasing in size, it fit properly on cable. It is widely used to protect wires from outside factors such as water, chemicals, shock, dust, abrasion, weather conditions and more. In addition, it improves the appearance of application by clearing the mess of cables.

It is a flexible option that can be used in different electrical applications. This tubing is available in various sizes (diameters) and colors. You must have tubing in all those types that are required for your business or personal use.

Heat shrink tubing gun – This is probably the most important tool you require in this kit. This gun is used to increase the temperature of tubing, so that it can shrink and fit perfectly on wires. This heat is provided with the hot air directly applied on tubing. There are many varieties in these guns. You should choose the most apposite one based on your business requirements.

You should choose heat shrink gun on the basis of their features such as temperature range, temperature control, airflow control, various functions, ease of use, distribution of weight etc. Some of these guns can used for various other tasks too such as drying, forming, paint stripping, soldering, welding and more.

Others – In many kits, there are nozzles included for controlled temperature ranges. If required, you can include these nozzles in your kit. Wire cutter is another tool that you might require. It can be used for multiple electrical applications.

You can purchase the whole kit from the electronic distributers. Usually, these sets include every tool you require for heat shrink related electrical work. It includes tubing, gun, nozzles etc. Keep the proper kit in your house or workplace and be prepared for any heat shrink related electrical task.

Others – In many kits, there are nozzles included for controlled temperature ranges. If required, you can include these nozzles in your kit. Wire cutter is another tool that you might require. It can be used for multiple electrical applications.

You can purchase the whole kit from the electronic distributers. Usually, these sets include every tool you require for heat shrink related electrical work. It includes tubing, gun, nozzles etc. Keep the proper kit in your house or workplace and be prepared for any heat shrink related electrical task.

What are the different types of electrical connectors?

Terminals or connectors are the electronic devices that are use to complete circuit in an electrical application. They are used in variety of electrical applications and appliances.

There are various different types of terminals available and the most used ones are-

  1. Butt connectors
  2. Ring terminals
  3. Spade terminals
  4. Quick disconnect connectors

Butt connectors– these connectors are used to merge two wires together.  The butt connector is available in a variety of form and is widely used. Moreover, they are available in different sizes so one can choose according to the need and requirement. These connectors are more cost efficient as compared to other. They are widely used in various industries such as government, transportation, automotive and military.

Ring terminals– ring terminals are one of the most frequently used terminals. They are used in variety of electrical appliances. These terminals are used  in different commercial applications. These connectors are designed in the shape of a ring or circle. It is used in applications by screwing a bolt through its circle. The ring terminals includes insulated, non-insulated, star-ring, high temperature, heat shrink, split terminals and more. Different industries use different types of connectors according to their requirement.

Moreover, these terminals are also available in different sizes, which make this product flexible to be used with different types of wires and cables.

Spade terminals– spade terminals or fork terminal are the one that can be used just like the ring terminals. In this type of connector, the spade slips around a stud for a connection. It includes insulated as well as non-insulated terminals. These terminals are easy to use and are cost effective. These types of terminals help in increasing the productivity and the fastening and managing of wires becomes easy. They are widely used in all the government, military, aerospace, automotive, computer and telecommunication industries. All these terminals are designed to meet or exceed industry standards.

Quick disconnect connectors–   the quick disconnect connectors are used to connect to a tab and is available in four different sizes. Some other terminals include hook terminals, crimp caps, pin terminals etc.A secured electrical connection is the biggest benefit of these connectors and provides good performance in different environments. High dielectric strength, durability, compatibility etc.are some other benefits of these products.

Quality standards to be considered in electrical wires for military

Military is an essential part of every nation. They have the responsibility to protect nation from unwanted intruders. To carry out their job successfully, they require best possible products, devices, and electrical wires.

Each product needs to be made of specific quality standards to meet the needs of army in the tough environments. This means the devices or wires used in it should be capable enough to handle harsh weather conditions and situations.

Mil spec wire is commonly used by military. These wires are specifically made according to army’s specifications. Thus before making purchase for military wires, certain quality standards are required to check, which are as follows–

Electrical characteristics –There needs to be excellent and stable electrical characteristics in cables, so that execution of work can be done properly in tough environments. This is why, while making purchase, army requires checking electrical specifications of the wire.

Good insulation material –Wires needs to have good insulation, as it puts a great impact on the performance of cable. Varieties of materials are available for cable insulation. Looking to the needs of army (meet tough environment) best insulation material wire requires to be used. PVC and Teflon are to name a few insulated products considered optimal for military wires.

Low power loss – Electrical cords should have good power, so that during tough environments, army does not have to face any setback. Looking into this fact, this is why military cables require to standby with lowest possible power loss abilities.

Tolerance and resistance – No matter whatever is the temperature high or low, military wires should be capable enough to function in any temperature. It should withstand harsh weathers conditions and resistance towards water, impact, oil, chemicals and other solvents. Cables resistance in water resistance can function well in marine applications.

The above-mentioned points clear the fact of what factors military heads need to take into account while placing order for the wires.
Different sizes, styles, insulation thickness, colors and voltage rating etc. are available in these wires. Based to the requirements of military, best wire is must to choose.

Where on one hand, good quality wires play a crucial role in functioning of military applications, in addition to this, searching of reliable provider is also must (after all, reliable provider only delivers quality products).

What are the essential qualities to consider in military standardized products?

Military operations require durable, reliable, and good quality electronic products in order to meet the toughest environments. Thus, every product used in military needs to meet the quality standards.

Military of every country has some standards to which they need to standby, in order to handle the toughest situations with success. Consider the example of United States, as its military has some fixed standards. They make sure that each of their electronic products is MIL-STD and MIL-SPEC standard. In addition to these, U.S. army also uses various standardized products like connectors, cable ties, and ring terminal etc.

All these products require certain qualities that are as follow-

Resistance – Electronic items needs to be resistant, in order to be compatible in tough situations. Thus, military and electrical products such as wires, cables, and connectors used in their workflow required to be chemical and water resistance. In regards to these resistance factors, electronic products need to be heat resistant as well. This is because military may require working in deserts where temperature is high.

Reliability – In order to face the tough military environment, military applications needs to be reliable. Reliability comes with the factor of standardization of products. Ensuring the factor gives a sense of satisfaction to army personnel while using the products.

Compatibility – Another quality needs to be there in such products. Thus, products should be compatible with different applications, so that they can be easily in difficult environments, instead of waiting for the optimal gear to come. This is why these products are made compatible enough to meet the needs of all applications. For example, military products can also be used in aerospace and marine applications. Different sizes, styles, and capacities of gears are available that makes them compatible with several applications.
Certain tests are performed to ensure the working of electronic items. The U.S. Department of Defense has set certain requirements to which electrical items must meet. Besides military, other industries and organizations using defense standardized electrical items also require checking these factors in order to have a smooth workflow.
From the above stated points, you must have gained knowledge about the qualities that military products should have.

What are the benefits of heat shrink tubing?

Electrical cables and wires are used in every electronic product. Over time, water, solvents, weather, chemicals, oil and other factors cause harm to cables, whether they are in open environment or inside an electrical application. Many people use heat shrink tubing to protect wires from environment and other harming factors.

What is it? – This tubing is made of nylon or cross linked polyolefin components. It is specifically made to create a safe cover for electrical applications. It protects applications from environmental hazards like moisture. It also shields covered cables from shock etc.

How it is used? – These tubes are used as insulation for the electrical leads and wires. After covering wires, it is heated by a hot air gun. It shrinks to a smaller size and creates an environmental seal effectively protecting cables from harsh weather conditions.

What are the benefits of this tubing? – It provide various benefit for electrical applications like –

Protection for wires – Insulation for cables is the biggest benefit of this tubing. It shields leads from harsh weather conditions, moisture, wind, dust, solvents and other factors. It is made of various materials, which provide different type of resistance for chemicals, temperature (low or high), solvents, abrasion and even ultraviolet light.

Improves performance – With proper protection and no harm, electrical wires perform better even in bad weather. It is also used to bundle up lots of cables in one place and seals them.

Increases durability – These tubes also increase durability of electrical applications since they stay protected from harmful factors like dust and water.

Where it is used? – It is used in various industries and fields including construction, railway and aerospace. Military and other commercial sectors also use these tubes to protect electrical applications. It is available in many sizes and lengths, which makes it ideal for industrial use.

How to choose right option? – You need to choose right option since this tubing shrinks and covers cables. It is important that you select the right size with proper diameter according to the wires. For choosing the right size, you need to learn more about their sizes, colors and diameter.

This tubing is available in many ratios, which describes the amount of shrinkage. It defines how much it decreases in size according to its original diameter. It can shrink from one half to one sixth of its diameter. Heat shrink tube is one of the most popular insulation types that is used in industries due to better protection for electronics.