Different Types of Electrical Cables/Wires

Wires are important and they are the only source through which electric charge is transmitted from one place to another. The wires are used across the world. Wires are available in different types. Generally, they are cylindrical, flexible strand or rod of metal. Selection of wires is a challenging task as there are different types of wires used in different industries. Below are some of the types that are used in industries as well as in our houses.

pvc wire kcelectronics

Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable- These are also known as non-metallic building wire or NM cables. The main feature of these type of cables is- they have a plastic jacket that covers two or more wires. These are commonly used for the underground or outdoor usage.

Underground Feeder Cable- These cables are quite similar to Non-Metallic sheathed cable, but in underground feeder cables, all the wires are grouped and wrapped in a flexible material. These are available in different varieties. They are often used for outdoor lighting and in-ground applications. They have high water-resistance that makes them ideal for moist areas like gardens as well as open-to-air lamps, pumps, etc.

Metallic Sheathed Cable- These types of wires are often used to supply electricity from the main manufacturing unit to the industries. Basically, they are required to run large appliances. This type of wire consist of three wires. One is for current, one is for the grounding wire and third one os a neutral wire. They are covered with the PVC sheathing and also known as PVC wires. They are used for outdoor applications and high-stress installations.


Coaxial wires- A coaxial cable has a tubular insulating layer which protects an inner conductor. In this the two inner shields share the same geometric axis, these cables are normally used for carrying television signals and connecting video equipment.

Ribbon Cable- They are often used in computers and peripherals, with various conducting wires that run parallel to each other on a flat plane, leading to a visual resemblance to flat ribbons. Ribbon Cables are quite flexible and can control applications that require low voltage.

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Tremendous Physical and Chemical Properties Of PVC

Polyvinyl Chloride or better known as PVC among the masses is a breakthrough material in the plastic segment with a wide range of usage possibilities in the construction, transportation, electronics, packing and healthcare industries. PVC wire is considered to be the best for use keeping in mind the durability and effectiveness of the material.
PVC Wire
If we compare it with other thermoplastics then the method to prepare PVC is significantly different, it uses two primary materials namely common salt and hydrocarbon feedstocks. While the former comprises of 53% composition in molecular weight the later uses 43% in the mix.

PVC has the following physical properties to its advantage:

High Tensile Strength
It has a tensile strength of 2.60 Nmm² that makes it a perfect material to be integrated in the wiring industry.

Impact Strength
PVC has an unmatched notched impact strength of 2.0 – 45 Kj/m² making it a preferred choice for various applications.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
No material can stand strong the in the wiring industry without a good thermal coefficient in terms of expansion, in this case being 80 x 10-6

Apart from the above mentioned physical attribute PVC has a high max cont use temp of 60 degrees with  an impressive density of 1.38 g/cm3. However, the positive qualities do not end here. On a scale of 1-4 where 1 being poor and 4 being very good PVC has the following implications in chemical resistance.

Dilute Acids– Score of 4- Verdict: Very Good
Dilute Alkalis– Score of 4- Verdict: Very Good
Greases and Oils– Score of 3- Verdict: Good
Alcohols– Score of 3- Verdict: Good

When talking about hydrocarbons PVC has very resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons while it works fairly for aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons. Hence, due to its unmatched physical and chemical attributes PVC is considered as one of the best materials to be used in the wiring industry and it is advisable to use it in any new projects or while replacement in the old ones.

What Are The Advantages Of Using PVC Wires?

After polyethylene and polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third mass produced synthetic plastic polymer.  There are two basic forms of PVC, rigid and flexible. While rigid form is prominently used in the production of pipes, bottles, packaging and cards, insulated electrical cables, signage, imitation leather and inflatable products are produced from PVC mixed with plasticizers.
PVC WirePVC cables are versatile, high in tensile strength, flexible, good conductors and easy to joint. Due its dynamic properties these wires are commonly used for home appliances, wiring of circuits, house wiring, power supply solutions, instruments, submarines, mining operations, ship wiring etc.

Some of the major advantages of using PVC wires are:

  • The compact conductors reduce AC loss due to the proximity or skin effect.
  • They bear stresses related to thermo-mechanics during constant normal and short circuit conditions.
  • These cables have resistance against the chemical or electrolytic corrosion.
  • They are also unaffected by moisture.
  • These wires have great fire resisting qualities due to their resilient sheath.
  • They are unaffected by vibrations.

    These cables reduce dielectric losses and internal stress in electrical applications.
    Demand for the electrical cables is ever increasing. Electrification and house constructions is on the rise. As the old wiring ages, it has to be replaced by new and latest ones for proper functioning of electrical applications and appliances. Considering the requirements of market, PVC cables are an ideal solution. They are robust, cost effective, have high conductivity and can provide insulation against any electrical faults.

    In addition, durability is another factor that works in the favor of these wires. They are durable, which means that you do not have to worry about changing your electrical cables anytime soon after the installation.

How to Choose the Right Electrical Supplies Company?

If you are in the electronics manufacturing business, then you must be aware of the benefits of outsourcing your electronic component needs. Although, many business owners do choose to install component manufacturing units of their own, but considering the high costs related to it, outsourcing your component supply needs is by far the more cost effective method.

This is the reason why most of the electronics manufacturers have started to outsource their component supplies, which has led to the rise of a huge number of distributors. To choose the right distributor from the numerous distributors out there, you need to evaluate them on certain criteria.

Let us have a look as what to check when you are dealing with electronic manufacturing companies –

. Experience in the Industry – No matter what trade you are in, experience is the key to finding a reliable distributor. Dealing with an amateur can prove to be a bad idea. Therefore, you need to spend proper time researching. Prepare a list of reliable distributors and then make the right choice.

. Services offered by the company – There is a wide range of services that the distributor provides. From designing of components, developing of components to its manufacturing, all these are a part of electronic manufacturing services.

If you are dealing in the trade of electronic manufacturing of devices, then all these services are going to be required by you, at some point of time or the other. Therefore, be sure to contact a supplier who can provide all these services.

. Range of components – The most important thing to expect from a distributor is the supply of a wide range of components like PVC wire, batteries, connectors, tape products and more.

Your manufacturing unit is going to be entirely dependent upon the range of components being supplied to you. Therefore, you must make sure to contact a distributor who has a huge inventory of products that can fulfil all your supply needs.

In fact, many dealers also provide a range of not only regular components, but also obsolete spare parts as well.

These are the three main aspects of services offered by a reliable component supplier. So, make sure you contact a distributor who can offer you quality components.

Why you must choose PVC wires?

Wires are essential part of the household and day-to-day usability items. They are mainly required to circulate in every electronic product. However, there are number of wires offered in the market. These wires are easily available in different sizes, width, and with different insulation material. PVC wire is one such wire that is widely used for different electronic devices. pvc-wirePVC, also known as Poly vinyl Chloride has specifically two forms: rigid and flexible. These different forms of wires are used in various fields such as telecommunications services, construction, data transmission etc.

Because of the different advantageous properties, these wires are used in diversity of applications. They are widely used in households and industries due to number of advantages such as-

  • Durability– Due to high durability, these wires have an ability to resist to any kind of weather conditions, chemicals, dust, water etc.
  • Insulation– the Poly vinyl chloride is a basic insulator material in various industries providing good insulation properties. Because of the excellent insulation property, it makes the wire ideal for the use of several electronic appliances.
  • Weather resistant– This wire is highly resistant to humidity, high or cold temperature and bad weather conditions.
  • Chemical resistant– Apart from being a good weather resistant, these wires can also resist to various types of chemicals that makes them ideal for the use of different electronic appliances.  Due to the chemical resistant property, the PVC is use not only in electronics bit also in sewage pipes and construction.
  • Cost effective– These wires are a cost effective option. Electricians as well as the customers prefer using these wires due to their low cost.
  • Flexibility– the Poly vinyl coated cables are well known for their flexibility. Because of this property, these wires are used in various devices. Most of the electricians prefer these wires because the flexibility ability helps to bend the wire on different angles without breaking it.
  • Fire safety– In case of a fire, these wires do not easily catch fire until the flame is directed towards them, thus making them fire retardant.
  • Recyclable– These wires are easily recyclable.  The PVC compound can be recovered from waste cables and reused in various applications.

Therefore, because of the aforementioned benefits, these wires are widely used for different household appliances as well as in different industries.